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Strategies, therapies, and profesionals
Definition of Wellness
Definition of Psychosocial Health
Factors that influence Psychosocial Health
Mind-Body Connection

Definition of Psychosocial Health

      From the research we did, we came up with a defintion of psychosocial health that involves all the faces to it. We conlcuded that the correct defintion for it will be: involving both psychological and social aspects of one's life, and relating the social conditions to mental and emotional health. Mentally healthy people tend to ract in positive ways to situatins, compared to unstable people, who react negatively to every thing in life. Hence, irrational thinking may be a sign og poor psychosocial health. It is important to have a social life. In relation with psychosocial health, it is necessary to have special bonds with people and social support from others. Normally prejudice is a result of poor psychosocial health, leading to bad social relations. There are several basic elements that prove that you are psychosocially healthy. They are:
  • feeling good about youself
  • feeling comfortable around other people
  • controlling tension and anxiety
  • maintaing a positive outlook
  • thank for simple things
  • being able to meet goals
  • respect and appreciate nature

Health 10 - Pd. 5