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Strategies, therapies, and profesionals
Definition of Wellness
Definition of Psychosocial Health
Factors that influence Psychosocial Health
Mind-Body Connection
Strategies, therapies, and profesionals

Different types of professionals, popular types of therapy, and strategies for selecting a good therapist

       Many people who suffer from a psychosocial disease were born with mental problems. Diseases such as Down syndrome, depression, and mental retardation are all psychosocial diseases. Though most do not have a cure, There are still ways that you can help to make the lives easier of the people that have them. From medication to taking classes there are many choices one can make.
      Though there are many different forms of psychosocial health and there is no true cure, there are many ways to accommodate and make it easier to live with it. There are many different cicatrices that can help you realize what your problem is and can help you to adapt to your difference. There are also many schools that can train family members so they can assist their sick family member. There are also many communities that your mentally ill family member can live in, where there are other sick patients that they can live with.
       There are many ways to select a treatment method. If you are considering sending your family member to a community then look it to the freedoms they have as well as the activities that they will be able to do. If you are considering going to a class so you your self can take care of your sick family member, look into the reviews past students have given the school as well as the grade of the school by the local county. There are also many medications that one can take to feel better. Never send your family member to a place that you your self would not wish to go to.
        Thanks to modern advancements in technology, scientists are finding new ways to accommodate those with mental illnesses. Advancements in medicine are helping ill people and allowing them to live more independent lives. The ultimate goal of scientists is to cure patients totally but they are still a far way from that. Who knows what the future could hold for those who live with psychosocial defects.

Section by: Peter

Health 10 - Pd. 5