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Strategies, therapies, and profesionals
Definition of Wellness
Definition of Psychosocial Health
Factors that influence Psychosocial Health
Mind-Body Connection

Mind-Body Connection

How emotions and feelings influence health status.

      One’s body is not just the inner self. Inside, your emotions and mind play a big role when influencing your health status. Nowadays, it is proven that our mental status, such like emotions and feelings influence your physical status, and vice versa. The important role of the mind has been neglected in popular fitness activities. But today, in world that does not only focus on looks, a new interest in the integration of the mind into regular physical fitness activities has been mandated. Due to certain nerves in our body, attitude, mood, and a simple belief can trigger the switch and bring up chronic diseases that will haunt one constantly. So in simple words, our mental and emotional health dose affect our body in several ways, and the way we treat our body influences our mental health. For example, when someone is depressed, a tendency to stop eating or over eating appears. Due to the emotional status, your body is suffering the consequences. In contrast, if one stops eating or exercising, the brains and other systems in the body will not get what they need to function appropriately, thus creating a psychosocial turmoil.

     As stated before, our body reacts to the way we think, feel and, act. Emotions and feelings are one of the highest indicators of why one’s health is as it is. For example, when you are stressed, several symptoms may show in you, like high blood pressure or even a stomach ulcer. Adding to that, poor emotional health is also depicted because of back pains, changes in appetite, constipation, insomnia, lightheadedness, palpitations, and several other signs. Having poor emotional health can also damage and weaken one’s immune system. Hence you are more likely to catch colds and several other infections. Also, if you are depressed or really stressed you may be leaving your personal health aside and neglecting it.

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