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Strategies, therapies, and profesionals
Definition of Wellness
Definition of Psychosocial Health
Factors that influence Psychosocial Health
Mind-Body Connection

Definition of Wellness

On this page we will define the term wellness.

    Wellnessis a way of explaining a person’s
                                             quality of life. This includes all the areas, from personality to social interaction with people. To be
                                             able to have a high level of wellness we have
                                             to take care of our personal health. To do this
                                             we have to make responsible decisions for you and the environment you live in. This way to avoid negative influences like diseases, etc.
    A healthful behavior is when people promote
                                             good health or wellness. By doing this, we are
                                             preventing accidents and illnesses, to make a better
                                             environment. Taking a regular exercise, eating healthy, driving safely, getting enough sleep all these are part of wellness, doing things responsiblyfor your own wellbeing.
                                             other side of it is risk behaviors, where you do not promote good health, and can be harmful. This type of actions increases the possibilities of accidents and diseases. Some examples can be smoking, using illegal drugs,
    Your wellness depends on what type of behavior
                                             you choose, a risky one or a healthy behavior
                                             that can better your conditions and the conditions around

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